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Professional Dog Training Services

Whether you are just starting out or you are starting over again, my personalized training will get you from where you are now to where you want to be. Each lesson is designed to be fun, practical and easy to understand, even for first-time dog owners.

Together, we will unleash your dog’s true potential through the power of positive reinforcement-based training.

Over 25 Years of Dog Training Experience

Positive Reinforcement Based Methods Only

Scientifically Proven Behavior Modification

Recommended By Veterinarians & Clients

Dog Training That Works In Real Life

I’ll teach you how to train your dog to be well mannered and responsive in real-life situations. Rather than competition-style obedience, you’ll learn practical ways to use the basic commands during the daily interactions you have with your dog. All family members are encouraged to participate in the training, even the children.

A trained dog greets people politely, walks nicely on leash and is a pleasure to take places with you. You’ll stop feeling stressed by your dog’s behavior and start enjoying true companionship.

  • Manners At Home & In Public
  • Obedience Around Distractions
  • Impulse Control While Excited
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The Power Of Positive Reinforcement

I’ll show you how to use positive reinforcement-based training methods to change your dog’s bad behaviors into good ones. It’s actually easier to teach a dog what to do than what “not to do”. For example, if your dog is jumping on guests, we can teach him to sit to greet people. He can’t be sitting and jumping at the same time.

We may use treats to help motivate your dog to learn something new but that doesn’t mean your dog will need to “see a treat” in order to listen to you. You’ll learn how to train your dog using various forms of reinforcement on an intermittent schedule. Reward-based training makes it fun for you and your dog to learn while building a relationship based on trust and mutual cooperation.

Does Your Dog Understand You?

Many dogs are mistakenly labeled dominant, stubborn or stupid simply because the messages aren’t being delivered in a way they can understand. Consistency and proper reinforcement are fundamental components of dog training. Tone of voice, eye contact, and body language are also very important. During our lessons, you’ll learn how to teach your dog the meaning of your words and how to interpret his attempts at communicating with you.

By learning these skills, you’ll be able to:

  • Train your dog to respond in any situation
  • Prevent and resolve behavioral problems
  • Enjoy a stronger relationship with your dog
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I fantasized about the day when I could go on a leisurely, pleasant walk with my dogs without being dragged down the street or pulled in a million different directions. Well, thanks to Eileen Haley, I now walk them for miles and love every minute of it!

Teaching me how to train my dogs was the most sensible approach. I continue to use everything Eileen taught me about training and behavior to teach new things to my dogs.

Her method makes so much sense and is so humane. No choke collars, no screaming, no punishment — just positive reinforcement!

Cielo DeStefano

Lose the Problems.
Keep the Love.

A dog can add stress to your life or help ease it, the difference is training. If you are ready to have the well-mannered companion you’ve always wanted, just call or click the button below to get in touch with me.

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    Positive Reinforcement Methodology
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