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Dog Behavior Training NJ

Make A Lasting Change In Your Dog’s Behavior

Frustrated by your dog's behavior? I’ll teach you how to change your dog’s bad behavior into good behavior with a customized training plan specifically designed to address the issues you are having.

By personally coaching you through the training process, you will learn the necessary skills to ensure that the positive change in your dog’s behavior is a lasting change.

Over 25 Years of Dog Training Experience

Positive Reinforcement Based Methods Only

Scientifically Proven Behavior Modification

Recommended By Veterinarians & Clients

Get To The Root Of Your Dog’s Behavior Problems

I have extensive experience working with dogs exhibiting a wide range of behavioral issues. When a dog displays a problematic behavior, it can be a symptom of an underlying issue, not just an isolated problem. That's why I take the time to get to the root of your dog’s behavior problem and develop a customized training plan that addresses the specific needs of your dog.

You can rest assured that your dog’s behavior problems will be addressed with a positive reinforcement-based approach that is tailored to your dog’s unique personality.

By learning how to effectively manage and modify your dog’s behavior, your dog can become a happy, well-adjusted member of the family.

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Behavior Problems I Can Help You Fix

A behavior problem usually isn’t a “problem” for the dog. It is generally a behavior that dogs naturally do. However, if your dog’s behavior is becoming a problem for you, I can help you fix it. Below are just some of the issues I can help you address.

  • Playfully bites at your hands and feet
  • Jumps on you, your family and guests
  • Pees or poops on your rugs and floors
  • Pulls or lunges on leash during walks
  • Chases your children and nips at them
  • Barks for attention and begs for food
  • Steals things and runs away from you

Baci was 8 weeks old when she joined our family. She was play biting when she got excited and would bark at us when she wanted attention. Her puppy antics would cause Bella, one of our other three dogs, to react. After a week of chaos, we called Eileen.

Eileen not only helped us train Baci, she simulated the situations we found difficult and showed us how to get all of our dogs to respond the way we wanted.

Bella and Baci are best friends now! We are so glad we decided to call Eileen. We learned more than we ever expected and couldn’t be happier with the results.

Debbie Brown

Lose the Problems.
Keep the Love.

A dog can add stress to your life or help ease it, the difference is training. If you are ready to have the well-mannered companion you’ve always wanted, just call or click the button below to get in touch with me.

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    25+ Years of Dog Trainer Experience
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    Positive Reinforcement Methodology
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    Recommended by Veterinarians
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